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NEAA Art Competition

Mrs Warr has been working with some of the students on entries for an art competition relating to one of the religious orders who has helped to shape St Mary's School to be the school it is today. The Nagle Education Alliance of Australia (NEAA) is connected to Nano Nagle who was the founder of the Presentation Sisters who once worked at St Mary's School. The 2017 NEAA Nagle Prize, for primary students, has the theme of 'create an art piece showing how Nano Nagle inspires us to care for God’s earth'. Our student entries are displayed below. Good luck Year Three and Four students!

'Still Life with Picasso' by Roy Lichtenstein yr 5/6 class

This piece of artwork is a replica of the 'Still Life with Picasso' by Roy Lichtenstein. He who was inspired by abstraction of Picasso. His bright colours and strong designs were associated with Pop art. Lichtenstein chose the colours that a printer uses: black, red, yellow and blue and was most famous for his use of BenDay dots. The background consists of a collection of papers in the style of Lichtenstein using of black paper, benday dots made by painting over bubble wrap and scraps in the primary colours. The students used their own interpretation of Lichtenstein's art with a Picasso portrait, paint brushes, fruit and a vase.

Fleet ship

As yr 3/4 class have been learning about the First fleet in history this term, so we in cooperated an art piece that all years 3-6 completed. This artwork comprises of a mixed media with oil pastels on the fleet ship and an acrylic paint collage on the background. The elements of design of line, shape, colour and texture formed the fleet ship. A contrast of varied hues of acrylic paint in blue formed the ocean background. Textures and movement were created in the waves by the whipping the paper. Extra details were added to add character to the ship.

Dragon Art

Medium Watercolour and in resist dragon.
Students drew and painted a dragon reflecting the Chinese New Year.

Success Criteria

  • used the elements of line ad shape, and a guide to draw a Chinese dragon.
  • added details with oil pastels for the body parts on the dragon. These were large enough to paint and take up a large amount of paper.
  • Added contrast by using warm coloured ink for the dragon and cool watercolours for the background, so the dragon stands out.

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