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NAIDOC Week - Year 1/2 Class Science

As part of our 'Safari Backyard' topic, we are exploring different animal habitats. This week we learnt about how ants communicate and work together. They emit a chemical substance for other ants to Follow their scent. We viewed some videos on how ants move and carry their food, and how honey pot ants collect their food. We saw an Aboriginal woman digging for honey ants in central Australia. These ants have specialised workers that gorge their food and their abdomens swell up. These ants have a small yellow stripe on their backs and dig deep underground tunnels. When the ants are full of nectar they hang from the ceilings of the underground chambers.

NAIDOC Week - Year 1/2 Class Geography

As part of the Year 1/2 NAIDOC Week celebrations and the learning area of Geography, the Year 1/2 students learnt about traditional Aboriginal Shelters and then went outside to make them.

NAIDOC Week - Year 5/6

As a part of our NAIDOC Week Celebrations, the Year 5/6 Class has been investigating the historical events and significant individuals that helped to achieve equal rights for Indigenous Australians. Some of the events that we have delved into include the Freedom Rides, the 1967 Referendum, Eddie Mabo and the Native Title Act.

NAIDOC Week - Year 1/2 Class Literacy

This week, the students listened to various Dreamtime stories. Each group decided on their own reading response activity to accompany and reflect on their story.

NAIDOC Week – Whole School Presentation

On Monday 7 August, Jacko Whitby opened our School Mass with a Welcome to Country. Then he spoke to the students about being respectful to our land, respecting the indigenous languages and he also discussed with the school community the first owners of the land. Thank you, Jacko and Colleen for all of your help, support and willingness to share.

NAIDOC Week – Opening and School Mass

On Monday 7 August, NAIDOC Week commenced at St Mary's School. We opened our week with a School Mass. Thank you, Delilah, Colleen and Jacko for assisting us to make our celebration so special.

Year One – Six Vegie Patch Planting

The Year One to Six Science Classes planted their annual vegie patch last week. The Year Three to Six students are experimenting with the benefits of companion planting. Thank you to Jenny Johnson for assisting the children with this process. We look forward to cooking up a variety of produce later in Term Three.

Just Raptors Whole School Incursion

Wildlife carers, Janelle and Shannon, from Just Raptors, visited us last week to educate us on their work in releasing birds of prey back into the wild. They discussed their rehabilitation work, surrogated parenting, the breeding program and how they educate the public to care for injured wildlife. They introduced us to Jagger, a Whistling Kite, who was taken from the nest as a young bird. and has an amazing bird call. We also met Willo, the Barn Owl, who was hatched and raised with Just Raptors and then slowly released back into the wild. She now comes and goes as she wishes. April, a Wallaby Joey, also came for a visit and she was rescued as a pinky and is now four months old. The children enjoyed the hands on experience of the birds and the wallaby. During their time rehabilitating wildlife at their sanctuary, they have rescued 3 000 birds. We are thankful for this great opportunity.

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