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NAIDOC Week - Year 1/2 Class Science

As part of our 'Safari Backyard' topic, we are exploring different animal habitats. This week we learnt about how ants communicate and work together. They emit a chemical substance for other ants to Follow their scent. We viewed some videos on how ants move and carry their food, and how honey pot ants collect their food. We saw an Aboriginal woman digging for honey ants in central Australia. These ants have specialised workers that gorge their food and their abdomens swell up. These ants have a small yellow stripe on their backs and dig deep underground tunnels. When the ants are full of nectar they hang from the ceilings of the underground chambers.

NAIDOC Week - Year 1/2 Class Geography

As part of the Year 1/2 NAIDOC Week celebrations and the learning area of Geography, the Year 1/2 students learnt about traditional Aboriginal Shelters and then went outside to make them.

NAIDOC Week - Year 1/2 Class Literacy

This week, the students listened to various Dreamtime stories. Each group decided on their own reading response activity to accompany and reflect on their story.


Each day, students learn to spell their words in FUN ways. They absolutely enjoy the hands on activities. Not only are they having fun, they are also learning.


Our class has been focussing on particular reading comprehension strategies this term: prediction, making connections and retelling.
First, students listened to the story, ‘Peter Pan’. They then had to use the strategy of retelling to recall what happened first, next and last and write it on a large natural leaf. The students were engaged and motivated to write as “writing on a leaf was fun”, smiled one student.


The Year One/Two class join with the Kindergarten and PrePrimary class weekly to participate in activities involving eye/hand coordination, balance, fitness, eye tracking and gross motor skills.

Loving Our Morning Activities

Each morning, students get to play and learn in our corners, before the school bell rings. Morning activities are chosen and set for students which are rotated each day. Some activities are related to concepts being taught in class.


This term we have been focussing on Numbers and Place Value. Students have been learning how to make numbers using MAB blocks and understanding the place value of digits in a number.

Adorable Line Rugs

Students created line rugs project to help develop fine motor skills and learn about various types of lines. We discussed how lines can be closed and open shapes. Students were then encouraged to fill their paper with the various lines using oil pastels. Once finished, they painted over the lines with edicol dye and added tassels.

Our Lenten Promises

At the beginning of Lent, we discussed what a Lenten Promise is. The students thought about what they wanted to do to improve their relationship with God and others. The Church suggests three special practices of penance for Lent.
Pray - go to Mass more often, pray more often.
Fast - going without food or eating less. It can also mean giving up a certain food or treat.
Almsgiving - means doing good for others. That can be giving gifts of money or help to others.
Below are some of the students Lenten Promises.

3D Animal Sculptural Faces

Wow! The final products were amazing. Students loved every minute of this activity, from the designing to the creating.

Summer Holiday Writing

First day of school, students brainstormed exciting things that they did over the summer. Students wrote about them and drew pictures of these on the shade of their sunglasses. They glued it onto their paper and over a photo of themselves.

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