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NEAA Art Competition

Mrs Warr has been working with some of the students on entries for an art competition relating to one of the religious orders who has helped to shape St Mary's School to be the school it is today. The Nagle Education Alliance of Australia (NEAA) is connected to Nano Nagle who was the founder of the Presentation Sisters who once worked at St Mary's School. The 2017 NEAA Nagle Prize, for primary students, has the theme of 'create an art piece showing how Nano Nagle inspires us to care for God’s earth'. Our student entries are displayed below. Good luck Year Three and Four students!

Maths - By Tyson Routledge.

Last term in Maths we learnt about Place Value. We learnt everything about numbers like: ordering numbers, some of our times tables, basic facts and comparing numbers.
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Buddy Class - By Ace Maver.

In term one we had a buddy class with the Kindy and Pre-Primary’s, the aim of the lesson was to teach them how the use the computers and teaching them to logon and logoff.
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Tree Planting - By Beau Johnson.

To learn about trees and the environment we went to Nokenena Brook to plant trees. Firstly, we had to listen to Mrs P and Mrs S explain what we had to do to plant the trees.
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Mapping Coordinates

This week in year 3/4 we have been learning about coordinates. How to read, write and plot coordinates on maps. We have enjoyed these activities. The photos are of a coordinate game, where we have to roll some die to get the coordinates and each one has a point value. Once all the coordinates have been rolled we tally up he points to find a winner.

Never to old Group - By Lara Mincherton.

Last term we went to the never too old club.
We played dominoes, pentominoes and cards we had a really fun time playing games and talking to the attendees.
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Literacy - By Sienna Mulgrew

In term one in Literacy we have been learning many things. In writing we have been learning to write Narratives and stories. Also in writing we have learnt in our stories to describe our words using the 5 senses.
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History - By Millie Gerreyn

In term one we learned about the first fleet and there route to australia and were they stopped on their route. We also learnt about the convicts and how they became convicts and what they did to go to prison.
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