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NAIDOC Week - Year 5/6

As a part of our NAIDOC Week Celebrations, the Year 5/6 Class has been investigating the historical events and significant individuals that helped to achieve equal rights for Indigenous Australians. Some of the events that we have delved into include the Freedom Rides, the 1967 Referendum, Eddie Mabo and the Native Title Act.


This term we have focused on sustainability and the importance of protecting our environment. The students have been able to understand the difference between limited and unlimited resources. We have discussed the importance of reusing and recycling. Looking at specific examples such as plastic bags. It seems that over 400 million plastic bags are produced in Australia alone in one year! Taking 1000 years to decompose! And also taking a toll on the surrounding wild life. We have discussed ways to be more sustainable and solutions to these problems.
One activity that was conducted based on sustainability was the creation of solar cookers. The students were tasked to build a solar cooker strictly from reusing materials.
Here are some photos of the students during the building stage of this task.

Scientist in schools

Scientists in Schools' Program - Miss Allison Henss As part of the Scientists in Schools Program Miss Allison Henss joined the Year 5/6 Science Class for the first time on Wednesday 8 March. She has worked for many years as a Marine Biologist. Miss Henns shared some of the highlights of her career with the students. Some of these have included her experiences working with for an environmental impact study over a two year period, investigating the impact to marine life if a port was built at Oakajee, filming for National Geographic magazine, working for the Fisheries Department, and her experiences of scuba diving at the Abrolhos Islands. Firstly, students viewed a small film clip of life in the ocean surrounding the Abrolhos Islands. They then engaged and were challenged by a quiz identifying twenty specimens found in the ocean. This provided a stimulating conversation as to what it might be and whether it was part of the plant or animal life of the ocean. Lastly students discussed the animal kingdom, phylums. We look forward to Miss Henns returning in term 2 to continue her involvement with the Year 5/6 Class.


In Math we have been focusing on Measurement and Geometry. We have learnt about ways to find the area of different shapes, including rectangles, triangles and circles. We have also been able to find the area of irregular shapes.
Below are some pictures showing the students ability to find the area of some different shapes.

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